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I think Im out of my artist block

2009-01-24 22:03:02 by thunderg

Well, Im pretty sure that I m out of my artist block and I give all my thanks to EGORAPTOR. He inspired me to draw again. the way his videos and crapy animation (I mean that in a good way) made me laugh some how inspired me to draw. Im not a computer animator (because I just plain suck at it) but I draw more still life stuff like comic strips. Because of EGORAPTOR Im curently working on a comic strip I think I will call Final Dysfunction VII, making fun of the game Final Fantasy VII and I have tons of ideas for it. So this goes out to you EGORAPTOR thankyou for inspiring me I can truly say that you are one of my heros. You have pulled me out of the darkness of not being an artist (this kinda sounds heroic) and into the light of drawing again...You truly are "Awesome." So once again thank you.

If you have not seen his videos here is a link to his page


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2009-01-24 22:05:36

Sounds really cool.